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Fall / Winter - 2014 /2015
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Concotions and Gagets

Pumkins & Potions

Night Sky Mysteries

Santa Snot and Flying Reindeer

Miggles Math Club

Mama Call the Doctor

The Picasso In You

Meet the Vowel Brothers

Putting the Pieces Together

Letter Monsters

The Learning Buffet

Lipstick Ladies Club

Game Show Leadership

Tinsel Time Science

Cartoon Creations

Midwinter Mystery Maddness

The $100 Challenge

Psst . . .The Secret of Reading





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Welcome to Fiction, Facts, & Fun!

Fiction, Facts, & Fun, LLC is an educational enrichment program, taught by Terri Johnson, M. ED. There are class offerings for children beginning at age three through middle school. The class selections offered in Fiction, Facts, & Fun, LLC will challenge children to their maximum potential in a fun and creative way. The goal of the program is to create an environment that instills a love for learning and a positive educational experience.


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